Canadian Challenge is in the Books

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I want to thank all of you that were following along as I was out on the trail.  I was definitely thinking of all of you while I was running towards the finish line.  Once again my main competition was Gerry Walker, a contest between the tortoise and the hare, Gerry being the hare.  Gerry has a fast team that I could not keep up with, so I had to cut rest on the way to LaRonge in order to stay close to him.  I knew my team was as tough or tougher than his, but I did not have the speed.  At the 8 hour layover in LaRonge Gerry’s team was sore and he was not sure if he could continue, and I think he was sore also.  So what allowed me to gain the lead was Gerry’s decision to rest longer in LaRonge.  This choice he may regret, maybe he thought that he had the speed to regain the lead on me over the next 120 miles.  He almost did, 48 min leaving Stanley Mission was not a comfortable lead over a team like his.  SO I went back into my Stage Stop mode and traded in my big boots for running shoes and neos, i unbolted the caboose off of my sled, and only packed the mandatory gear.  I found out later the temp was down to -38 out there.  I worked myself into a sweat pretty soon and then realized that if i don’t keep moving I was going to freeze.  Its nerve wracking looking over your shoulder all the way to the finish.  The dogs did great, I was so proud of them for holding steady and trusting me.  Run after run the continued to stay positive.  On the team were:  Dodge, Hakon, Liberty, Steamer, Mari, Garfuncle, Charlie (verterans), Viper, Falco, Styx (2 yr old), Dakar and Crazy Horse, (yearlings).  At the finish line was Dodge, Dakar, Hakon, Steamer, Liberty, Mari, Garfuncle.  The team MVP has to go to Steamer.  This boy loped with all he had for the entire distance, and he is 9 yrs old.  And I was most proud of my new superstar Dakar.  He is only 19 months old, but is a tireless leader.  Thanks again for watching and I hope to have similiar results in Fort McMurrey next week.


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