My Dogs are amazing!

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What a day!  I thought going into the Alpine stage that i would lose more time to the Streeper parade, given the perfect sprint trail out to the Box Y and back (60 miles total) .  I held the team to a conservative pace on the way out, but as we approached the turn around I let them speed up a bit, then on the way home I started to work harder behind the sled and the came home very strong.  Granny and Clemintine led the charge and were perfect.  Sabretooth and Parish were also great, Duke and Jim, Girlie and Porsche and Robidoo were also amazing.  Tomorrow will be the run of life, the last two times in Kemmer I have had perfect runs, I pray for the same tomorrow.  I love the climbs in Kemmer, i feel that is my strength in this race, is ability to help this amazing team climb faster than anyone.  Lets hope this holds true tomorrow.  Off to drop dogs one more time before bed.

Here is a little video from training before the race in Alpine, this is the trail we ran on today.

Thanks for following along,  Aaron

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