Real Action from the Trail!

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Here is some live footage from the trail, this was taken on the Pinedale stage two days ago, seems like forever ago.

Overall – to this point the team is doing great.  After yesterdays stage in Big Piney, a couple dogs are feeling a little sore.  The trail was very punchy, the dogs could not find any solid footing.  It takes a tough headed dog to persevere through such tough conditions.  My main core of dogs have been running everyday so far, other than Duke,Jim and Girlie who had the Pindale stage off.  The stars of my team so far a Granny Ellen, she has turned on her light switch and is now a charging force in lead.  Sabretooth and Parish have been perfect so far also, they are the loping power houses towards the front of the team.  Girlie led the first day yesterday, she is a speed machine.  They are all giving their best effort.  We will keep it going all the way, we won’t be giving up!

Thanks for watching, we are off to the next stage stop, Alpine.  56 miles.


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