Time for some Fun!

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After all the months of hard work through the dark days of winter, it is a huge reward to be down here in the Wyoming sunshine running dogs.  The last few days leading up to the big event are always the funnest, its time to celebrate all the hard work and the team that the dogs have become, it is amazing to see them moving as a complete unit down the trail, you can just tell that they feel the same way, they love their job and they can feel all the positive energy around them.  Yesterday we took my nephews out for their first sled ride, we had a ski-doo also, for my sister to take some great photos of the team from the front.  We ran the teams 20 miles, this was like a morning stretch for them, they feel strong and each day they are getting more revved up, I can’t wait to turn them loose in Lander on Sunday!

The ceremonial start was last night in Jackson, way too much fun, the crowds were greater than I have ever seen before here in Jackson.  I really feel that this race has a bright future and will continue to gain momentum.

This morning we are busy packing up the trailer for our trek over to Lander, there will be a reception there tonight and the stage will be in the morning.

I will admit, I am beginning to feel a little tense, Let the race begin!

Check out my facebook for some photos of all the fun we are having, my sister has been uploading a few.

Thanks for following the race and my progress.  Aaron

Here are some photos that my sister took yesterday, i hope you enjoy. Over and Out – Aaron

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