Life is Good in Alpine!

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Life is good here in Alpine WY.  But the internet is slow, or else I would have had this video up 2 days ago.  If life wasn’t good enough when we first arrived here in Alpine, my sister and Mom showed up to be a part of the exciting lead up to the  2011 Wyoming Stage Stop.  Now we have a house full of excitment, Tory(sister), Mom, Hunter, Scout, Piper (Tory’s kids), we also have Jake and Uel, and of course Jimmy the Jack Russel.  All of this combined with 45 huskies on the trailer makes for a good time.  I always say that it takes a team, and it makes me smile to see that it has all come together.  Everyone having a good time and all the work getting done to perfection.  Love it!

Enjoy this video, I explain a little about the process building two teams for the Stage Stop.  I have never worked with so many dogs to build two 16 dogs teams.  It is hard to know if Jake and I have put together the best combination’s. We won’t make our final decisions until our final training run on Thursday.  By then we will have all the information that we need to make the best decision for success.  TTYL


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